Making the Most of Music Class Guests


Music For Learning Blog: “Making the Most of Music Class Guests”

Next week, my elementary music classes will be visited by freelance composer Charlie McCarron. My students are just finishing up composition projects of their own, and are eager to ask him questions about what it’s like to be a composer, how he writes music, and where he finds his ideas and inspiration. Inviting guests into the classroom not only enhances what students have been learning, but provides them with meaningful, real connections to music making outside of school.

In my latest blog post for Classical Minnesota Public Radio’s Music for Learning blog, I outline a variety of ways to bring guests into the classroom, no matter where you teach, and how to build student learning around the visit.

Music for Learning

For a little over a year, I have had the privilege of being a blogger for Classical Minnesota Public Radio’s Music for Learning website. Unfortunately, this blog has been neglected during that time as a result. I’ll start posting my Music for Learning articles here, but I encourage any music educators to check out the site for the many other great (and free!) teaching resources. My personal favorites are Audio Backpack and Class Notes Videos.


Making the Mundane Musical

Rhythmic Behavior Management

I’m excited to be embarking on a new blogging project, writing for Minnesota Public Radio’s music education website. My first article, “Making the Mundane Musical,” is about finding ways to better utilize time in my elementary music classroom by making the details of classroom management and lesson structure into lessons about music. Please check it out!