Music for Learning

For a little over a year, I have had the privilege of being a blogger for Classical Minnesota Public Radio’s Music for Learning website. Unfortunately, this blog has been neglected during that time as a result. I’ll start posting my Music for Learning articles here, but I encourage any music educators to check out the site for the many other great (and free!) teaching resources. My personal favorites are Audio Backpack and Class Notes Videos.


I’m on a Podcast!

composer-quest-podcast-470I was recently interviewed on the podcast Composer Quest about teaching composition to my students, my perspective on composition as a performer, and my ethnomusicology research.  You can listen to it at the link below.

Composer Quest Ep. 10: Teaching Kids to Compose with Maia Hamann

Please check out Charlie’s other great Composer Quest episodes, and leave him a review on iTunes!

I’m an Auggie!

augsburg-college-minnesota-lrgI officially committed to being a teacher this weekend as I began my first trimester of a licensure program at Augsburg College.  Never one to do things in a timely manner, I was accepted only three days before the registration deadline and the nice people in the education department helped me to do everything that needed to be done to enroll while I was a hundred miles from campus. Continue reading


Less than a month ago, I was depressed with my Minneapolis job search, never considering school teaching jobs.  Now, I’ve been a general music teacher for 208 four to nine year olds in rural central Minnesota for a week.  The next nine months will certainly be an adventure; one that I feel very unprepared for in some ways, but that I feel so ready for in other ways.  No matter what the outcome, I’m excited for new experiences and lots of learning.

The general music teacher position opened late in the summer at the school in which my mother teaches.  When she mentioned to me that the music teacher had resigned, she suggested that I ask the superintendent more about the job.  Having no education degrees or classroom experience, I never thought that I would be qualified.  Yet, here I am, only two and a half weeks later, filling the position!

Now that I have an adventure, I finally have an excuse to write a blog.  But more than sharing my experiences, I’m writing in hopes that my teacher friends will read it and offer their advice and share their own classroom difficulties and triumphs.  I have so much to learn!