I’m on a Podcast!

composer-quest-podcast-470I was recently interviewed on the podcast Composer Quest about teaching composition to my students, my perspective on composition as a performer, and my ethnomusicology research.  You can listen to it at the link below.

Composer Quest Ep. 10: Teaching Kids to Compose with Maia Hamann

Please check out Charlie’s other great Composer Quest episodes, and leave him a review on iTunes!


3 thoughts on “I’m on a Podcast!

  1. I’ve spent the last two hours reading internet surfing the concept of melody and melodic analysis. This interview has been more helpful (and more enjoyable!) than a lot of traditional and academic articles and excerpts that I’ve read. Wittgenstein said that a miracle is not a thing but a way of looking at the world. For these children, then, everything in music is a miracle.

    • Thanks so much for the high praise! It’s great to hear how this approach to music can be useful to adults, as well as kids. And I love the Wittgenstein perspective; I’ll be keeping it in mind as I teach!

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