I’m an Auggie!

augsburg-college-minnesota-lrgI officially committed to being a teacher this weekend as I began my first trimester of a licensure program at Augsburg College.  Never one to do things in a timely manner, I was accepted only three days before the registration deadline and the nice people in the education department helped me to do everything that needed to be done to enroll while I was a hundred miles from campus.

I’m in two courses this term: Orientation to Education and Diversity in Education.  Both are aimed primarily at students who are trying to determine if teaching is for them, something that I am uncharacteristically decisive about, I’m already finding them thought-provoking an believe that they will be useful.

I tell you all of this because I am seeking your support and perspective as I work my way through yet another graduate degree. Getting this teaching license is very important to me, and although I’m reminded of that every day that I teach, I expect that this degree will have its own motivational challenges. Unlike my previous grad school experience, this time I’ll be working 100 miles away from campus as I take a full load of classes, all of my classes are the once a week type, and as a non-traditional student I won’t have the contact with classmates that I’ve had in the past. I’m lucky to have teacher and musician friends and friends who are neither teachers nor musicians who will encourage me to do as well as I can in this endeavor.

Ideally, I would love for this blog to become a place for discussion.  I’ll try very hard to post regularly about those thought provoking topics I come across in classes, questions I’m pondering about teaching and music, and of course, funny stories about my students.  I would greatly appreciate your comments and conversation!


2 thoughts on “I’m an Auggie!

    • It is true! I’ve managed to avoid any vocal training throughout my many years of music education, but I’m finally being forced into vocal pedagogy credits. This will be a challenge for me, but hopefully a good one. The first lesson wasn’t as scary as I imagined it would be, but I’ll probably actually have to sing in the next one.

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